ALERT ALERT ALERT: South Jakarta Court Orders Eviction of PKBI Headquarters After 55 Years
10 July 2024
13 July 2024
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PRESS RELEASE: Government Evicts PKBI Office Without Court Execution Order

Today, July 10, 2024 at 07.00 WIB the PKBI Office was visited by around 100 Satpol PP personnel backed up by dozens of police and TNI officers, to carry out an eviction on land occupied since 1970.

The City Government of Jaksel and the Indonesian Ministry of Health as the executor of the eviction action forced PKBI out of Hang Jebat which has been occupied for 55 years based on DKI Governor Decree No.207/2016. When the legal verdict in the District Court until the Supreme Court against PKBI Hang Jebat land is NON-EXECUTABLE.

PKBI’s belongings were forcibly removed by Satpol PP personnel.

Established in 1957, Perkumpulan Keluarga Berencana Indonesia (PKBI) was the first Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to pioneer the Family Planning (KB) movement and the reduction of Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR). In its history, PKBI helped found BKKBN, which is now the National Population and Family Planning Agency.

Currently PKBI is present in 25 provinces and 178 cities/districts with its head office at Hang Jebat III/F3 South Jakarta.

The land for the PKBI Hang Jebat office was a “grant” from DKI Governor Ali Sadikin in 1970 and here stands the Training Center and PKBI headquarters serving citizens, especially women and children throughout Indonesia.

It really hurts humanity when the government insists on evicting PKBI from Hang Jebat, even though PKBI has contributed for 67 years to support government programs such as vaccinations, handling stunting, youth education, SRHR services and tents to the community.

WE, the extended family of PKBI throughout Indonesia, REJECT the expulsion and the government’s efforts to obstruct PKBI’s struggle in realizing the health rights of Indonesian families. Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) services, especially for women and children, are the basic rights of the Indonesian people towards responsible and inclusive families.

PKBI has occupied the Hang Jebat land legally based on the DKI Governor’s Decree since 1970. We, the volunteers, staff and sympathizers of PKBI will stay in Hang Jebat, until the end of our days until there is justice for our home.

Contact Person:
Dr. Ichsan Malik, Chairman of PKBI National Committee 0811112757

Eko Maryadi, Executive Director of PKBI, 0811852857

Nawawi Bahrudin, Legal Counsel of PKBI, 08159613469